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My Story

Back in 2010, I launched my very first business as a 10-year-old seamstress called "Sew, Stitch, & More"!  I used the sewing skills my late grandmother taught me to repair ripped clothes for other people. At the time, it was the perfect way to make money as a kid who wasn't yet old enough to legally get a job. To market this business, I printed pink business cards and handed them out to all of my teachers and parent's coworkers. I was able to secure new and returning clients within a month of launching!


The following year, I launched my own babysitting agency. To market my agency, I printed flyers and distributed them to my family members and in my neighborhood. 

In 2019, I launched my own natural cosmetics and personal care business called Black Vanity while in college. To market this business, I would vend at events on campus and use social media to get online orders from customers in other states. Black Vanity is still in operation and generates thousands of dollars in sales annually. 

While pursuing my business degree and running my own small business, I realized that my success in launching many businesses (and helping my friends launch projects of their own) came from my ability to connect with others and solve real problems in real ways (also known as branding and marketing in the business world).

So, in 2021, I decided to launch The Hustle Lab to help others connect with their audiences, foster community, and pursue their purposes with a passion. I now use my ability to effectively launch, organize, brand, and market projects with an impact to make a difference in the community and business world. 

So, what started off as a young girl growing up in Trenton, NJ looking for a way to make money to help herself and family has now blossomed into an agency that helps entrepreneurs, CEOs, and organization leaders make deep impacts and generate more revenue. 

My entrepreneurial journey has inspired me to take "reach the world, but touch da hood first" on as a personal mission and brand promise. So, when I'm not managing social media accounts or hosting events, you can find me pouring knowledge and love into my community!

Education & Certifications

May 2022

Bachelors of Science in Business Administration

After four years of dedicated study, I received my degree in Business Administration from Rider University in Lawrenceville, NJ

Dec 2022

Certification in Women's Entrepreneurship

Immediately after completing my undergraduate degree, I received a professional certification from Cornell University

May 2023

Non-Profit Marketing Essentials Certificate

To sharpen my skills as a marketer, I obtained my certificate from NonProfitReady to efficient and effectively use a variety of marketing channels to raise awareness for non-profit organizations

Press Features 

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