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7 Marketing Tips To Sell More Event Tickets

  1. Make tickets available online through your website or a ticketing host (Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, etc.)

  2. Use social media marketing to establish a brand and build the hype around your event

  3. Add post cards with a QR code linked to your event's landing page to all orders shipped out within 90 days of the event day

  4. Use outdoor marketing, like billboards, yard signs, etc., around your event venue at least 30 days before the event day

  5. Create a VIP guest list of personal connections, influencers, and industry leaders. Send personalized invites to your event to these guests via email (or mail)

  6. Create a list of local editors, bloggers, and vloggers to extend a "press pass" to. This pass should give them media access to the event. Add a special touch by giving them a special badge at your ticket check-in counter

  7. Book a discovery call with The Hustle Lab to get help planning, branding, and promoting your next event.

We hope this helps you secure more ticket sales! Make sure you're following us on social media (@thehustlelabllc) for more marketing & entrepreneurship tips.


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