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10 Genius Content Ideas For Beauty Service Entrepreneurs

If you are are building a beauty service business (salon, spa, nail techs, hair stylist, etc.), you absolutely should have a social media marketing strategy and active social media accounts.

Here are ten ideas you can use in your social media marketing plans to spice up your content & increase a demand for your business specifically.

Idea 1: Service Reminders

Idea 2: "Bring A Friend" Day

Idea 3: After-Care Instructions

Idea 4: Meet The Team

Idea 5: Stylist Confessionals

Idea 6: Product/Tool Recommendations

Idea 7: Wedding/Prom/Graduation Specials

Idea 8: Prices & Policies

Idea 9: Client Selfies

Idea 10: Day In The Life/Vlog

If you found this ideas helpful, share this article with a friend! If you're searching for someone to help you bring these ideas to life, schedule a time to chat with us.

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