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2024 Marketing Trend Predictions

Check out our predictions for 2024 marketing trends reshaping businesses today! Discover the rise of QR codes for seamless engagement and the power of personal branding, collaborations, versatile content, and captivating videos in expanding your brand's reach and impact.

Trend #1: QR codes 

QR codes are taking over! QR codes are barcodes that can be scanned using your smartphone camera allowing you to send your audience directly to any website, landing page, form, document, or post from any marketing materials you create. 

This tool is amazing for increasing the usefulness of both print and digital marketing materials and boosting your online traffic. 

You can add QR codes to clothing, business cards, mailers, flyers, signs, promo videos, social media posts, and more! 

Trend #2: Personal branding 

The internet makes it possible for almost anyone to start selling things. While this removes barriers for entrepreneurs to get started, it also leaves room for scammers and posers to take advantage. 

By incorporating your personal brand (what people know you for) into your business brand (what people know your business for), you can build trust with your audience. It lets your audience know that you're not afraid to put a face to a name. 

In addition to building trust, incorporating personal branding into your content will also help you to distinguish your business from the competition. It will give your product/service a story that no one else can copy because it’s yours. (And even if they do try, they will not have the receipts to back up their claims) 

Trend #3: Collaborations & partnerships 

In 2024, having a strong network of collaborators and partners will be essential in reaching more people and bigger audiences. 

In the age of influencers, content creators, and brand partnerships, we urge every entrepreneur to explore collaborations, partnerships, and media features to expand their audience. 

Simply put, think of it as finding a mutually beneficial agreement to “borrow” someone else’s platform in exchange for something that is of need/value for your partner. In the process, you’ll get to serve your audience and their audience. 

These agreements may include monetary incentives, service trades, and/or co-promotion deals. 

If you don’t believe us on this one, just take a look at the Amazon-NFL deal, New Balance-Bape deal, Beyonce-Verizon commercial, and/or the Starbucks-Stanley deal. 

Trend #4: Content that can be consumed on a variety of devices 

The average person likely spends 8+ hours a day consuming content. 

Although many people think that content is just social media posts, at The Hustle Lab, we like to define content as simply “information”. 

We get our information from social media posts, blogs, YouTube videos, books, websites, podcasts, newsletters, and a variety of other sources. 

We also get our information through a variety of content mediums such as TVs, phones, computers, radio, signs, and/or print materials. 

In 2024, it will be essential for you to include a variety of content mediums (devices, etc.) to distribute your content. This can look like making your website compatible for people using computers, tablets, and phones. This can also look like creating YouTube videos that can be viewed on TVs, phones, tablets, and computers. 

Making subtle yet impactful changes to your existing platforms that allow you to make your content compatible with a variety of devices can help you build a better connection with your audience. 

Trend #5: Video, video, video 

According to Lifewire, a survey conducted by SquareTrade found that 80% of people under the age of 45 turn to Google or YouTube before opening [written] manuals. 

Your customers want videos. They want videos on your social media and website to help them understand, use, and troubleshoot your products/services. 

We encourage you to provide videos for your customers where possible to support them through their customer journey. 

Let us know what trends you plan on using to grow your business this year by leaving a comment. If you found this article helpful, send it to a friend!

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