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Fueling Our Local Economy: How Trenton Pop-Up Market Drives Entrepreneurship In Trenton, NJ

The Hustle Lab, Isles, and the Downtown Neighborhood Preservation Program teamed up to create an six-part event series based in Downtown Trenton, NJ to accomplish the following goals:

🏆 Make use of underutilized commercial spaces in Downtown Trenton

🏆 Provide business expansion opportunities to local entrepreneurs and businesses

🏆 Create meaningful and memorable connections between Trenton businesses and residents

To bring this vision to life, The Hustle Lab created and executed a 360 marketing campaign including outdoor signs, social media marketing, postal mail marketing, email marketing, advertising, print marketing, local partnerships, press management, branded merchandise, and more.

Please use the expandable sections below to explore the different aspects of the event and its results.


Isles is a community development and environmental organization based in Trenton, NJ with a mission to foster self-reliant families and sustainable communities through its community revitalization, wealth-building, educational, and healthy living programs. To find out more about Isles and its services, please visit

The Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP) is a five-year grant from the NJ Department of Community Affairs designed to generate visible, tangible change in the Downtown Neighborhood driven by local residents and business owners. Downtown Trenton is one of 40 sites for the Neighborhood Preservation Program statewide. To find out more information about NPP, please visit

The Hustle Lab is a digital marketing agency owned by Trenton-native and local entrepreneur, Akeya Fortson-Brown. The Hustle Lab offers graphic design, website design, app design, digital marketing, and experiential/event marketing support to organizations via both online and in-person services. To find out more information about The Hustle Lab, please visit

 Powered by the funds provided by the Downtown Trenton Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP), Isles retained The Hustle Lab’s experiential & event marketing services to plan and execute an event that satisfies organizational goals while also creating a lasting, measurable impact on the greater Trenton community. 





Social Proof

To read and/or download the full report, please click here.


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