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The Hustle Lab Partners with Joyce Kilmer Intermediate School to Introduce "Digital Careers & Entrepreneurship" Course

At the beginning of April 2024, The Hustle Lab launched a dynamic five-week program titled "Digital Careers & Entrepreneurship” at Joyce Kilmer Intermediate School (JKIS) in Trenton, New Jersey. 

Tailored for "Gen-Z" learners, this course aims to harness our youth’s seemingly innate technological skills and social media savvy, offering insights into diverse career paths in technology, digital media, and/or e-commerce.

Digital Careers & Entrepreneurship was developed to emphasize the importance of aligning educational opportunities with the interests of today's digitally-native youth. "We're excited to empower young minds in Trenton by showcasing how their tech fluency can translate into fun and rewarding career opportunities," Akeya says.

At The Hustle Lab, we pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking marketing agency dedicated to empowering our community to thrive by using technology and digital communication tools to effect change. With the agency being founded on a very powerful motto —“Reach the world, but touch da hood first”, we believe it’s important to pour back into our community in very real and meaningful ways. The Hustle Lab specializes in innovative strategies that leverage emerging technologies to drive growth and success while maintaining integrity, authenticity, transparency, and humility. From our cutting-edge marketing campaigns to our educational initiatives, The Hustle Lab is excited to take part in shaping the future of digital entrepreneurship.

The Hustle Lab extends heartfelt gratitude to Paula Bethea, M.A. M.A., Principal at JKIS, Brittany Thomas M.ED, Vice Principal at JKIS, and Christine Casey-Roach, School Library Media Specialist at JKIS whose support and guidance have been instrumental in bringing this initiative to fruition.

"Their mentorship throughout this process has been invaluable. I'd like to send a very special thank you to Mrs. Bethea for continuing to support Trenton's youth even after we're no longer students in the city's school system. Ms. Bethea's dedication to fostering innovative learning experiences in Trenton's public schools should not go unnoticed," Akeya reflects.

Looking ahead, The Hustle Lab hopes to continue our partnership with Joyce Kilmer Intermediate School and expand the reach of this pioneering course to other Trenton Public Schools, furthering its commitment to nurturing the next generation of digital trailblazers.


About the Digital Careers & Entrepreneurship Program

Statement of Need

As mentioned by Perry Hewitt in a study released by the Pew Research Center:

 “[The] internet has brought forward not only education, but thinking. While we still want to cultivate in youth the intellectual rigor to solve problems both quantitatively and qualitatively, we have gotten them out of the business of memorizing facts and rules, and into the business of applying those facts and rules to complex problems…. [Teens] and young adults are learning in online environments where working together and developing team skills allows them to advance.”

Our youth are surrounded by internet-capable devices, social media, and gaming. As technology advances, many educators and parents are concerned with our children’s relationship with technology and their ability to socialize both on and offline. 

As parents, teachers, education specialists, and school administrators continue to explore ways to help our students prepare for college, professional careers, and community involvement, it is never too early to expose our children to the possibilities of digital careers & e-commerce! 

Program Description

Digital Careers & Entrepreneurship is a course presented by The Hustle Lab LLC and designed to help students practice real-world application of what’s learned in the traditional classroom while also empowering students to think outside of what exists currently to create solutions to our world’s most pressing problems. 

In this course, we embrace a safe & healthy use of technology to explore, connect, learn, and achieve. We will learn the basics of entrepreneurship, digital stewardship, and digital careers to develop career readiness and a 21st century perspective to learning.


By completing this course, students will be able to: 

  • define success for themselves 

  • assess and develop a personal readiness to actively pursue career goals and aspirations 

  • set SMART goals that guide personal and professional development 

  • use resources and tools around you to connect career goals to the world around us

  • communicate career aspirations and personal contributions to desired industry to others (which prepares us for post-secondary admissions interviews, employment interviews, business pitches, etc.) 

To learn more about this program and/or bring this program to your school, please send an email to

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